Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fluoride, that is what is keeping us sick!


Does your toothpaste or tooth whitener contain any of the following potentially harmful ingredients?

Sodium lauryl sulfate
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Flavors
Artificial Colors

Is FLUORIDE really all that SAFE?
Impure, untested and non-required fluoride chemicals are legislated into most U.S. water supplies, not to kill nasty microbes, but to medicate tap water drinkers who are assured water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. But it is neither.

Fluoridation, shockingly, is not supported by valid science . Dentists mistakenly believed swallowed fluoride created decay resistant teeth by becoming part of children's developing enamel; but they were wrong. Fluoride's beneficial effects, if any, are topical according to the CDC and the American Dental Association.

Public health officials predicted fluoride would eradicate tooth decay like vaccines prevent disease; but they were wrong about that, too. They said fluoride was a necessary nutrient and, like vitamin C prevents scurvy, fluoride would prevent tooth decay - wrong again.

With outdated and scientifically invalid scientific support, dentists say swallowing l milligram fluoride daily reduces tooth decay without fluoride's adverse effects such as dental fluorosis but they are even wrong about that .

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) never approved fluoride ingestion . They were "grandfathered" in before the FDA drug testing laws were enacted. New research shows that children who consume fluoride tablets are more at risk for dental fluorosis. That's why routine fluoride supplementation is no longer recommended by the Canadian Dental Association, the Western Australian Health Authority's Dental Section and the German Scientific Dental Association. And, because of health concerns, Belgium banned the sale of fluoride supplements to prevent tooth decay. Dental Fluorosis is the only outward sign of fluoride's toxicity to the rest of the body.

Astonishingly, research now shows swallowing fluoride is virtually useless and has unnecessarily exposed millions of Americans to fluoride's adverse side effects such as bone disease and dental fluorosis - white spotted, yellow or brown stained and sometimes pitted and crumbly teeth - which has, not so surprisingly, increased dramatically in American children.

November 2006, the American Dental Association quietly advised their members that fluoridated water mixed into concentrated infant formula increases the child's risk of dental fluorosis and should be avoided. Then the Centers for Disease Control put the same advisory on their website but didn't issue an alert or press release to inform the public. Lack of fluoride does not cause tooth decay. Poor diet does. Fluoride cannot fix a poor diet. But fluoride can and does ruin children's teeth . And no American is or ever was fluoride-deficient. There's evidence that fluoride actually causes tooth decay at levels slightly over "optimal." The silicofluorides have never been safety tested in animals or humans. With the American children as guinea pigs, researchers find that silicofluorides increase children's lead absorption and higher blood lead levels are linked to more tooth decay. And the U.S. National Toxicology Program is just beginning to study silicofluorides for human ingestion some 50 plus years after it's been dumped into most Americans drinking water.Other studies link fluoride to bone fractures, lowered IQ, thyroid disfunction and more.

Fluoridation has provided a lucrative sector for researchers to apply for federal grants to study the after effects of the crazy decision to put fluoride into humans' water supply and then see what happens. You would think dentists would heed the advice reported in their dental journals - to cut back on fluoride use. But instead dentists are lobbying legislators all over the US to fluoridate more water supplies - even when the people have voted against it. But educated individuals are fighting back. In the past two elections, fluoridation failed miserably in the polls. Meanwhile, the American Dental Association reported to the press on June 16, 2000 that they have a new cavity fighting tool - calcium. January 2006, researchers tout Cavistat, a calcium containing nutrient substance that reduces cavities better than fluoride and without fluoride. And, instead of putting themselves out of business as they once predicted, today's dentists make much more money than physicians while working less days and less hours .

And what's even more perverse is that the chemical used to fluoridate your drinking water is an industrial waste product that, along with fluoride, carries lead, arsenic, and other contaminants to a faucet near you.

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